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We accompany executive teams and their corporate projects

Gatherings and journeys...

Your team seminars and meetings of large management teams are valuable opportunities for true human encounters and great collective and individual advances on your major issues...

which mobilize resources and creative capabilities of human groups…

We accompany you in a responsible, pragmatic, inventive and collaborative way to solicit with respect, rightness and efficiency the resources and the forces that your teams are able to mobilize to face your challenges

for sharing your company project

Entrepreneurs, executives and managers, we help you take care of yourself, your employees and your team and company project' dynamics to get through crises and bounce back with confidence, drive and efficiency...

Doing better by becoming better


Run book

Our website is a card and a map

It is at first a business card, of course.
It is also a map.
In the meaning of "the map is not the territory":
incomplete map and necessarily a little abstracted from a rich territory, without finished outlines.
This territory of action and continuous research, it is the one of relationship, of the conditions of building trust and cooperation between people, and of the interactions between the individual and the collective levels ;
that, thus, of the individual and collective human dynamics which makes change,
move forward and achieve ambitious objectives.
It is finally an invitation card to you leaders, managers,
those in charge of a human community and who have to cross a cape together :
if the next stage was to meet us to speak about it ?
Journeymen & resources

Jean-Maurice Vergnaud


Once, a client compared me to a "family physician"...

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