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Once, a client compared me to a "country doctor" : "you create a humanized and humanizing relation", he said.

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This comparison touched me because I associate it with many of the qualities which mean a lot to me: pragmatism, listening, closeness, loyalty, responsibility, commitment with my clients… As for the humanity, it does not belong to me to judge it, but indeed, I aspire to and I train for it.

The side “any grounds” and “any weather” of a country doctor also speaks to me a lot : I find very interesting not to spend all my time at the “summits” of organizations and to have to handle a wide variety of stakes in various contexts. I work as well with an executive committee as with a team of operational management, in the cement as in the lace industry, the energy, the hotel business, the bank or the e-commerce, with various cultures, and as it is a question of learning to work better together in relatively serene context or to gather a big project team in a stormy climate ” to empty suitcases ” and to restart a good foot.

My professional approach is built first and foremost on my initial multidisciplinary training as a psychotherapist. Then, for about 30 years as a management consultant and coach, I have been trained and certified in multiple approaches, methods and tools. I don’t put them forward any more than that: in general, this is not what interests my clients, at least not in the first place.

It’s all about people and relationships.

From personal experience, then with time and especially the diversity of situations I have lived through, I have developed an attention and a great affection for the positive forces of adaptation, evolution, even transformation or reinvention that exist in each of us and within our collectives to succeed in what we undertake.

I like to share this vision with my clients and work together with them to create the best conditions for its fulfillment.