Journeys & Oases

We design and orchestrate meetings of large groups which concentrate and spread the essence of your corporate project...

What is the essence of your project ?


Whatever is the answer, how best to exploit the opportunity of the collective presence of relevant actors which is a meeting of a large group (50, 100, 200 persons and more) to concentrate there ingredients and conditions which will make look like this meeting what you would like seeing and feeling every day in the life of your organization ?


It is from this invitation that we help management teams to design and to carry out their ritual or exceptional managerial meetings.


Mostly, it is a question of trying to make it alive meetings of responsible actors which share and think together in an open and constructive way about their essential questions for their business of today and tomorrow.

We made a path together…

> Concevoir et animer des séminaires et accompagnements d'équipes