Journeys & Oases

How to transform a phase of uncertainty and collective stress for employees of the company in an open period and opportunity? How to involve and mobilize teams on the challenges and the necessary changes? How to manage the human element so that it actually becomes a crucial lever of our collective success?


As leaders, it asks you to take special care of the conditions of human engagement dynamics in a group project, including: confidence, a creative tension between an assumed current situation and a desired future, a voluntary cooperation, generous and effective.


The very first step of this approach is that your management team itself creates these conditions within it. Because it is by its own dynamics of progress that it will open the way and will make possible a wider dynamics of support and mobilization of the community of the managers and all the teams of your company.


By participating in this workshop “Facilitating change with the Appreciative approach,” you and your management team will aim simultaneously two objectives:

  • Experiment at your level the implementation of the “Appreciative Inquiry” methodology as a lever to lead and share your Corporate project, in your context and your particular changes’ issues;
  • Strengthen your own dynamic as a management team, cohesive, effective and committed as a success factor for facilitating change/s and transition within your organization and to share your corporate Project.


Do you want to consider the opportunity to organize this workshop with your team? Please contact  Jean-Maurice Vergnaud

Jean Maurice Vergnaud is a certified coach in “Appreciative Inquiry In Positive Business and Society Change” by the French Institute of Appreciative Inquiry (1) and Case Western Reserve University – Weatherhead School of Management of Cleveland (2 and 3)

He is also a Master coach in “positive psychology” – Positran – Positive Psychology for Transformation.