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How to create trust? Help people move forward? Increase collaboration to learn faster together? Invite, guide, help everyone to participate with his strengths, values, motivations? How to change, evolve constantly, invent, innovate, while ensuring the achievement of results, the health and safety of people, attention to clients?


The proposal of the workshop “Leading as a Positive Leader” is to address and deal with these issues in a “positive” logic, which means two main things:

  • give a positive direction to the desired movement, which draws its force in a genuine intention of the leader,
  • and then implement an approach that is rooted in the strengths, successes, motivations, great resources and adaptive capacities of humans facing the changing reality and its challenges.

The basis of the workshop, its value proposition is to start by developing your own dynamic of “positive leader”, combining social skills and know-how, posture and preparation for the action.

The Appreciative approach (Appreciative Inquiry) combined with Positive Psychology are the main support of the “learning by doing” process which is used in this workshop.

To check if this workshop can meet your expectations and needs and, if yes, receive a detailed presentation: Jean-Maurice Vergnaud

Jean Maurice Vergnaud is a certified coach in “Appreciative Inquiry In Positive Business and Society Change” by the French Institute of Appreciative Inquiry (1) and Case Western Reserve University – Weatherhead School of Management of Cleveland (2 and 3)

He is also a Master coach in “positive psychology” – Positran – Positive Psychology for Transformation.