Journeys & Oases

We help to approach in a logic of "learning together" the stakes and the needs for developing leadership and management skills...

If we limit the “training” of the managers in time when they participate in training courses, we pass next to a treasure : that from the experience and the daily informal learning.

We call “learning together” the fact and the will to learn together from action and experience. So it is to learn to learn together, at the individual, collective and organizational levels.

It is in this logic that we suggest approaching and handling the objectives of development of the leaders – managers.

Custom-making, we can design, equip and accompany learning journeys which place the participants in a perspective and a dynamics of applied research and which can combine diverse approaches, diverse levers of this learning way : sharing of practices, mutual coaching, creative intelligence, open spaces, experiments of “solutions”, cross-functional projects, readings and writing, relations with “experts”, workshops of personal development, job swaps, immersions, learning expeditions, etc….

Actually, by the process, what is aimed, it is to favor the development of the persons as cooperative and collaborative leaders.