Journeys & Oases

Personal development and regeneration

These proposals of “oases” express our consciousness of an acute need for the busy and “squeezed” managers (yes, as lemons) :¬†take time for them, breathe, get oxygenated the body and the brain, stop and think on where they are, feel, choose…


It is the common to these invitations : they are spaces of breath, for the body and for the mind, for the senses and for the sense, for the relation to oneself and for the relation with the others.


Each one has its particular purpose…


Presence&leadershipStability, ease, impact

Mythe’MeSymbols, new resources

Base CampBreak, essential choices

Intention-LCooperative Leadership

Instant T…Creativity and regeneration

MELIOR groupsProgress with my peers

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