Journeys & Oases

My preferred mode of intervention is a "tailor-made" approach, in a co-creation relationship with my client, whether it is for a team coaching, a one-time seminar, a large meeting of managers or a process of corporate project

The 3 workshops presented here are designed in the same logic: offer to my clients a space, a process and conditions allowing them to work on their objectives as leaders and/or teams.


They are “workshops” in the sense where they lean on a dynamics associating action-learning (I do and I learn) and coaching anchored in the reality (I work on myself, on my stakes and on the way I’m dealing with them) :


  • Leading as a Positive Leader, a Leadership Development workshop, inter-companies or inter-units
  • Facilitating change with the Appreciative approach, a coaching workshop of your management team
  • Fundamentals of Organizational Learning, a training session conducted within SOL France